Body Treatments & Wraps



The body Treatments detailed below are beneficial to your general health as well as the feel good factor associated with them.  Our bodies are covered with clothes and generally forgotten about, but they need as much love and attention as our face, hands and feet. Treat your body to some TLC.

Loose inches instantly with a body wrap, pick from two wraps, one to exoliate your skin whilst on and, shower to reveal lovely smooth soft skin (2 treatments in one ideal for pre-holiday, wedding or tanning). The other to hydrate and condition skin, ingredients contain essential oils to aid hydration.

Don't forget the body toning and Infra Red Therapy to get into shape for summer or that special occcasion!

Priadara Royal Thai Body Exfoliation (approx 45 mins)                                                                   £23.00

Removal of dead skin cells, increase circulation using Royal Thai scrub and moisturing with Royal Thai body lotion leaving the skin  soft, smooth and revitalised.

Therapeutic Back Treatments (approx 45 mins)                                                                           £23.00

A deep cleanse of the back area followed by an exfoliation, part back massage using relaxing blended aromatherapy oils.  This treatment is complemented with a luxurious Milk & Honey warm paraffin mask over the treatment area to stimulate and hydrate.

Deep Cleanse Back Treatment (Approx 45 Mins)                                                                          £25.00

An ideal treatment for those who suffer from congested backs.  This deep cleansing and exfoliating back treatment and massage can help rid the skin of surface debris.  The use of a clay based mask helps unblock some of the pores and clarify the skin (Approx 45 Mins)

Dr Murad Claryfying enzyme back treatment (45 mins)                                                                £40.00

This is a professional strength treatment designed to improve conjested skin on the back.  This is a hard to reach area and so can be difficult to really look after...leave that to us.  Exfoliating natural fruit ensymes plus anticeptics, anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingrediants are perfect for exfoliating the skin and softening clogged pores to extractions.  The result is an improvement in skin clarity and reduction in acne blemishes without redness and irritation.

Priadara Chocolate Back Treatment (approx 45 mins)                                                                  £28.00

Can you imagine chocolate on your back! Lovely relaxing treatment for the back. Cleanse, exfoliation, part massage and a chocolate mouse mask application to release those lovely feel good endorphines! Don't worry we will give you a taste of chocolate "cos your not allowed to eat the delicious mask!" 

Dermalift Body Toning:  Mid Torso or full body;

Toning & inch Loss - Mid Torso - (tummy Area) equal to 350 sit ups per session 1/2 hr              £15.50           Tummy and thigh Toning                                                                                                        £19.50

Other areas, arms legs please consult with therapist for course prices


 Body Wrap (loose Inches) (1 hour 30 mins)

Loose unwanted inches from the areas of the body most prone to problems.  Entirely safe, free from detrimental ingredients.  The action of this wrap  gently removes toxins from the soft tissue of the body, at the same time your fatty tissue is compacted.  These wraps will help with diminishing cellulite and help with stretch marks.

Hydrating wrap                                                                                                                         £35.00

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap £50.00 (new!!!)

Body wrap works by lipolysis, a revolutioary method to remove unwanted fat.  The fat is removed from areas you want, without effort or discomfort.  The amount of fat reduction varies depending upon your build, but many people may reduce by at least one whole size after the first treatment.  Difficult areas such as the stomach, bottom, thighs, hips and upper arms, are a big problem.  Lipolysis offers pain free slimming and breaks down inside the actual fat cells, where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acid, so they can be excreted in tissue fluid and further transported to the lymph vessels.

Buy a course of treatments for discounted price, call salon for details.

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