Eye Treatments



We offer a range of eyelash and brow, tinting, tidying, eyelash perming and extension services that create just the right look to compliment and balance your facial features. We also offer popular refreshing & plumping eye treatments clients may like to combine with facial treatments.

Important: You will need to visit the salon for a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first tinting, perming, eyelash extension treatment to ensure no allgery or sensitivity exists. If you have had any eye disorders in the past or have a current disorder, please discuss this with the Therapist at time of booking.


Eyelash Tint (approx 20 mins)                                                                                               £9.50

Eyebrow Tint (approx 15 mins)                                                                                              £6.50

Eyebrow Shaping (pluck approx 15 mins)                                                                                £6.50

Eyebrow Wax                                                                                                                        £6.50

Eyebrow wax & shape                                                                                                           £7.00

Eyelash Perm       

Eyelash Perm  (approx 45mins)  £30.00                                                                                       

Eyelash extensions (individual clusters)                                                                                £18.00

Eyelash extensions (individual clusters) extra volume                                                            £20.00

Eyelash Extensions  fitted (strip lashes)                                                                                 £8.00

CryBaby 2 week Mascara (Approx 1 hr)                                                                                £35.00


Eyelash Perm & Tint                                                                                                            £38.00

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint                                                                                                       £13.50 

Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow waterproof stenciling                                                             £20.00

Eyelash Tinting : will enhance the general appearance of the eyes.  This service is beneficial to clients participating in sporting activities, swimming in particular. Clients who have difficulty using mascara, Contact Lens wearers, clients holidaying, Brides and Mothers of the brides who can have a wee cheerful tear without affecting their make up.

Eyelash Perming : this is a semi permanent method of curling your lashes. Curled eyelashes will enhance the appearance of the eyes and will last approx 4 - 6 weeks. This enhances your eyelashes and your face giving an open eyed look.  for an improved effect, tint maybe applied after the perm for a more enhanced look.

"Crybaby" Semi Permanent Mascara:   

2 Weeks of volume,volume, length & curl that's 100% waterproof, impervious to everything, including tears of joy.

Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara is a procedure that curls and coats lashes with our proprietary lash coating. This coating adds volume, length, curl and color to lashes, is 100% waterproof/ smear-proof and lasts two weeks, often longer. It’s ideal for active lifestyles as well as special events like weddings and vacations. Better still, it’s professionally applied by our technicians 

Celebrity Brows - Eyebrow Definition (New Treatment introduced in March)  £25.00

Our Celebrity brow shapes are quickly becoming a preferred and sought after service over an "eyebrow wax service, which is just a tidy on an existing shape". Eyebrows highlight the most dramatic and expressive part of your body, your beautiful face.  Top celebrity artists recognise that proper eyebrow shapes are more than a simple facial feature. This service procedure includes sculpting, measuring, tinting, reshape, waxing, threading and detailed client home procedure to ensure maintenance of their new shape


Anti ageing eye treatments on their own or added to a facial treatment  Dermalift - Murad

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