IPL Hair Reduction Pricelist


EPL Hair Reduction Pricelist

Intense pulsed light is a safe and effective method of reducing unwanted hair from the face and body.  EPL targets the hair folicle and delivers light to breakdown the hair follicle reducing hair regrowth.  Helps to eliminate shaving bumps, ingrown hair or bristles.  Time must be arranged for medical and health consultations and a test shot prior to any service 48 hours before first treatment.  A consultation cost of £10.00 will be charged and £5.00 will be redeemed against 1st session if client wishes to go ahead with the treatment.

A minimum of 6 - 8 sessions are required at between 4, 6, or 8 weekly intervals dependant upon the area, hair structure and growth cycles of the individual.  This treatments is effective for both ladies and gents.  Treatment plans are available for clients with POS and Hirsutism problems and will be discussed and agreed with your therapist.

Personal Touch own our EPL machines and therefore do not require clinics to attend the salon on specific days each month.  Our machines are available for use every salon working day.

Prices listed are Per Session based on 6 to 8 treatments

Top Lip                                                              £30.00

Chin (physical Area not including neck)                 £30.00

Top Lip & Chin Together in 1 session                    £55.00

Jaw Line (not including chin)                                 £40.00

Top Lip,Chin & Jawline together in 1 session         £75.00

Underarms                                                          £48.00

Bikini line (2" around top leg at front to leg crease) £70.00

Bikini (as discussed with therapist full front & under) £90.00

Many more areas such as backs, chests,tummy, bust, legs, nape of necks, eyebrow area above the nose in-between eyebrows can be done. Please call for an indepth consultation.

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