Nail Enhancements & Extensions


Liquid & Powder Enhancements (Acrylic)

Nail enhancements created using only high grade products from a professional use only range. Powder and liquid nails are applied to strengthen, prevent splitting & peeling and to promote growth.  They are ideal for thin, weak, bitten or normal nails.  Powder and liquid nails are long lasting, natural looking and very durable.  A choice of natural look or french white tipped is available.

Silk nail enhancements are also available and are ideal for those who are used to longer natural nails and want to give then a little extra help on strength, or as an overlay once growth has been achieved and acrylics have been removed.

Infills (growth between initial application and next service) is normally done within 2 weeks of application (dependant upon your own growth cycle).  The new growth area at the cuticle is infilled with acrylic and the nail enhancement is brought back to life as a new set.

Your therapist will complete a thorough consultation and recommend a treatment plan to achieve your final aims, be that by enhancements or to achieve growth on natural nails.

For those clients who have had operations on their toes and have had the toe nails removed with no new growth. We can create new nails for them with extra ones to be fitted at home to allow use of sandles or strappy shoes again. (price on application)


Acrylic Extensions                                       £29.00

Silk from                                                    £33.00

French Curved Sculptured                            £33.00

Non Structured overlays - plain from            £22.00

Go Hollywood french toes (gel)                    £20.00

Twingle Glitter Toes (Gel)                           £25.00

in fills - every 2 wks basic from                  £18.00

Nail repair during infills                               £ 3.50 

Shellac Gel colour on natural nails                £20.00

Gel Colour on natural nails                          £23.00


In many cases during a consultation with new clients, some have commented that they have had acrylics in the past and their nails were not in a good condition afterwords.  This really depends upon the person who has applied the nails and in some cases over filing on the surface has caused damage. In some instances clients admit, rather sheepishly, that they had picked and peeled off acrylic from their nails and caused damage to the natural nails underneath (we all love to pick!). Enhancements must be soaked off with acetone to remove acrylic.  Your therapist will give instruction on this at home procedure or offer in salon removal service and conditioning of the nails.


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